Don Biddle Community Park / Grand Opening

Don Biddle Community Park  is now open for all (as of Sept. 24, 2022)! During the grand opening festivities, it was quite a sight to see, as people enjoyed every inch of the park, and as laughter and excitement filled the playgrounds and picnic areas. City of Dublin stakeholders and Biddle Family spoke words from the heart, highlighting the importance of public parks. Carducci Associates is proud to be a part of such an amazing team that brings great parks to all. Don Biddle Community Park ties together West and East Dublin, and a vision to link history with innovation inspired the design. When one takes a stroll on the D-loop, every corner of the great lawn, community garden, sports courts, parent paddock, adventure playground and art sculpture installations (by Steven Whyte) present opportunities for memorable experiences. We hope that Don Biddle himself would have been delighted to see what his hard work helped produce.


Tim Skinner is Promoted to Project Director / 2022 Promotion

Timothy Skinner, Landscape Architect, has been a positive leader and done the hard work for Carducci Associates for over eight years. In recognition of his exemplary professional growth as a Senior Associate, Carducci Associates has given him the additional title of Project Director. In this role, Tim serves our clients’ needs, directs, checks and coordinates the design of multiple projects, mentors and supervises staff, and uses his special talents to progress public school projects through the rigorous approval process of the California Division of the State Architect. The principals look forward to Tim’s success in this role, his leadership for firm management and to inspire others to perform well.

A venue for all seasons: the San Rafael High School Stadium provides an environmentally sensitive lit event area for a deserving community.