• “A city green park will outlast any building, but it must be designed so that it can be built and maintained within a budget. And it must have the support of the community. Guided by these practical goals, our projects create places for people to interact with nature in ways that result in positive, memorable experiences.”

    With an impressive career spanning 40+ years, Vince crafts creative, buildable designs for a wide variety of project types. From small projects for tight-knit community groups to large corporate and academic campuses, Vince focuses on doing good work and exceeding expectations. He is passionate about engaging in a collaborative process that results in site-specific designs within the natural environment.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 1984

    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, New York, 1979

    Harvard 21st Century Learning Program, 2014


    Landscape Architect, California, #2554


    Planning Advisory Board, Marin County

    ASLA Member

    Presentation: Outdoor Learning Environments for CASH 2015 & 2016 (Public School Conference)

    Presentation: Outdoor Learning Environments (2017 & 2019 A4LE Learningscapes Conference)

    Presentation: Biophilia (2019 ILC Conference)

    Presentation: Outdoor Learning Environments (2020 NAIS Conference)

    Presentation: Significance of Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

    Presentation: Water at the Forefront

    Presentation: Designing Successful Plant Palettes for Bioretention Facilities

  • “Land never depreciates. We work with the land to add value for people. What we do has a sense of wonder about it, because it comprises both art and science. It's an art because we’re concerned with beauty and experience; it's science because we have to do the math to make it work. And there’s a certain magic because we communicate our work on paper, but in the end, it’s all worked into the land.”

    In his 40+ years as a landscape architect, Bill has consistently focused on the careful balance between people and nature. With a deep respect for clients, communities and the environment, his work is both artful and innovative, his approach is both comprehensive and highly attentive to detail. Bill has designed athletic fields for parks and schools for over 30 years and consulted with the San Francisco Giants on the renovation of AT&T Park.

    As a project leader, Bill is a valuable orchestrator of the collaborative process, adept at coordinating the efforts of multidisciplinary teams and sensitive to the needs and demands of multiple project stakeholders. He is especially proficient at leading teams in the preparation of complete and accurate contract documents. If he is not at work, Bill may be walking to the beach, watching plants grow or on his way to enjoy a sunset or a moonrise, or both.


    Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies & Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Syracuse, New York

    Independent study in Kyoto, Japan

    One-year sabbatical for international travel and study of landscape architecture

    Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Professional Development Course


    Landscape Architect, California, #2537

    American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), #12101


    American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

    Instructor, UC Berkeley Extension (1988-95)

    American Planning Association (APA)

    American Sports Builders Association

    California Native Plant Society

    SportsTurf Managers Association

    Presentation: Water at the Forefront

    Presentation: Why You Need a Landscape Architect for Your Green Schoolyard

  • "Happy to bring nature to people."

    Jin is a visual thinker with exceptional technical skills. She brings an inventive approach to each site, celebrating the beauty of natural forms and artfully fitting design concepts into site plans. Jin possesses a keen eye for graphic design and the details that add up to a successful project and an inspiring user experience. A dedicated design professional, she has a profound appreciation for client and community goals.


    Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, College of Environmental Design, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

  • “As an edgy romantic, I’ve always been intrigued with the avant-garde landscape, yet wooed by the traditional.”

    With over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of landscapes, Tim Skinner offers his expertise as an accomplished architect and designer. Tim is a proactive member of the team; he is a quick thinker and always provides thoughtful, well organized design solutions for the most challenging of efforts. He is especially experienced in collaborating and interfacing with the public sector, and has a broad understanding of the many levels required to address when working with city, county and state agencies. Tim takes satisfaction in directing the navigation and collaboration of the sometimes delicate and nuanced team relationships that lead to our successes.


    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Guelph, Canada


    Landscape Architect, California, #5466

  • "I love designing the details of beautiful spaces."

    Monty began his career as a civil engineer focused on the technical aspects of stormwater management. Subsequently, his interest shifted to the design of people-oriented spaces and the creative aspects of landscape projects. Monty returned to school to study landscape architecture at UC Berkeley Extension and now uses his skills to create functional, sustainable environments at the urban scale.


    Landscape Architecture Certificate Program, UC Berkeley Extension, graduated with distinction

    B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Irvine


    Landscape Architect, California, #5745

    LEED Accredited Professional

    Build It Green Certification

    SITES® Accredited Professional

  • "Every project Is an exciting opportunity to help transform an idea into a built reality. The challenge of helping guide that transformation is always inspiring."

    George is a detail-oriented and thoughtful collaborator who is committed to making the design and construction process enjoyable to clients, other consultants and builders. He brings 14 years of landscape architecture experience to his role at Carducci Associates, having worked on a broad range of projects from Australia to the middle East to the Maldives to the San Francisco Bay Area. His design experience is built on top of 15 years in community development and engagement. From that background, he brings a passion for people and the places they occupy, as well as exceptional written and verbal communication skills.


    Bachelor of Arts, Public Policy, Stanford University
    Masters in Landscape Architecture, University of Melbourne


    Landscape Architect, California, #6598

  • “Nature teaches us how to become better versions of ourselves, and landscape architecture provides the canvas to spark that change.”

    As a Los Angeles native and UC Berkeley graduate, Karly has a deep-rooted passion for fostering community engagement in designing parks and open spaces that are inclusive to all. She is a firm believer in the important roles our urban landscapes have in providing outdoor resources for people to collaborate and learn. With her 8 years of landscape architecture experience in the Bay Area, Karly is especially attuned to establishing designs that respect client and community needs, while addressing the details and possibilities of construction. Working mostly on public projects, she enjoys the challenge of creating long-lasting effective designs, that support user needs and yield vibrant, energetic collectives. During her downtime you can catch Karly on the field, trading in her construction vest and hard hat for a jersey and softball bat. 


    Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley


    Landscape Architect, California, #6960 

    ReScape Qualified Professional (RQP)

  • “Life would much better if everyone had easy access to a meadow to frolic in.”

    A Northern California native, Joel draws inspiration from many weekends spent in alpine meadows and exploring the creeks of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Highly detail oriented and spatially conscious in his work as a designer, Joel keeps his eye on the “big picture” to create beautiful, cohesive spaces where urban dwellers can relax and interact with nature.


    Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, University of California, Davis

  • “Animate, captivate, and make the details count.”

    Sean brings a unique perspective shaped in part by his work in Wisconsin and the California Central Valley, experiences that have deepened his respect for natural systems. He makes it a priority to add value into the landscape for all forms of life. With attention to the relationships between hard and soft materials, Sean aims to create spaces that perform in terms of aesthetics, social needs and the environment.


    Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, University of California, Davis

  • "Truth lies in the recollection that divine nature transcends the individual ego.”

    As a MLA graduate from the University of Colorado and an experienced landscape designer, Nieve contributes to sustainable, environmental and social design solutions through innovative and collaborative designs. She has varied project experience and finds every project to be uniquely exciting. As a mother and unconventional city dweller, Nieve loves to spend time outdoors with her kids and encourages their connection to nature by taking care of their two chickens and a small backyard vegetable garden just steps from downtown San Francisco.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Colorado at Denver


    Bachelor of Science, University of Colorado at Boulder

  • "Observing and learning to help the surrounding ecosystems is always rewarding to the individual and community.”

    Peter was educated at the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and previously practiced Landscape Architecture in Little Rock, Arkansas, before moving to San Francisco. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture broadened his understanding of the different ways people interact with the built environment. Landscape Design provides a way to address the needs of the environment and a medium for solving challenges within our society and climate.


    Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

  • "Rather than fearing what will be lost in translation, I wonder what might be found by following a more intuitive design process."

    Having spent many of her formative years learning and practicing fine arts and graphic design, Emma brings a keen eye for tone, detail, and balance to the landscape profession. Fostering a growing interest in public space and childhood environments, Emma completed an MLA thesis that explored how landscape architects can co-create dedicated outdoor spaces for social programs in public schools. She is thrilled to continue to develop her expertise in school environments at Carducci Associates. 


    Master of Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Savannah College of Art & Design

  • “I love to explore the dynamic beauty of nature.”

    With a background in both architecture and landscape architecture, Zhimin takes pride in designing dynamic environments that enhance human activities and support urban wildlife habitats. Her research, fueled by a passion for history, establishes connections between past site habitation and future uses, which then influences proposed programming and design language. Her primary aim is to create vibrant and sustainable environments where both people and wildlife can coexist, and where people embrace the beauty of nature.


    Master of Landscape Architecture, Certificate in Urban Design, University of Pennsylvania 

    Bachelor of Architecture, Tsinghua University 

  • "Live like a California native plant: grow resiliently, spread seeds of kindness, and root deep so that you’re never knocked down.”

    Ashley’s hands-on experience in landscape maintenance and restoration, combined with her formal education from UC Davis’ Landscape Architecture Program, equips her with a strong foundation in both practical and theoretical aspects of our field. She seeks to create multifunctional and inclusive community spaces that are both ecologically sound and aesthetically pleasing and hopes her designs inspire people to appreciate nature and to enjoy the spaces around them. Though born in Southern California, she’s now grown to love Northern California's coast and feels comfortable in the foggy hills of San Francisco.


    Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, University of California, Davis


    Certified California Naturalist

  • "Thoughtful urban design connects people from all walks of life."

    As a San Francisco native who has lived and worked in New York, Kim draws inspiration from San Francisco’s urban fabric as well as the raw textures and cultural blend of New York City. Kim's work spans a spectrum that includes design for interstitial urban landscapes and multidisciplinary public projects and now, marketing. She has transitioned to advancing the firm's mission of creating places that are inclusive, purposeful, and sustainable. She values culturally informed design and performative landscapes that play a social, ecological and political role.


    Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, University of California, Davis

    Masters of Urban Design (M.U.P.), City College of New York (CUNY)


    Landscape Architect, California, #6340

    LEED Accredited Professional

  • "Everything begins with an idea.”

    As a Los Angeles native and a UC Irvine graduate, Alejandra has always been interested in diversifying her business administration career. Her background in sociology and criminology highlights her team-building approach, making full use of her inherent investigative outlook that helps her to troubleshoot and problem-solve any challenge that Carducci Associates tosses in her capable direction. She looks forward to furthering collaborative workspaces and organization with Carducci Associates.


    Bachelor of Social Ecology, Criminology, Law & Society, University of California, Irvine

    Bachelor of Social Sciences, Sociology, University of California, Irvine

  • "Did you say treat?"

    Winston, lovingly nicknamed by his mom as Winnie, is a clever companion, who knows how to address your snuggle needs, even when you didn't think you needed any. Winnie provides his first-hand experience at our park facilities, as he trots around our strolling paths, and sprints across the lawn. If you don't see him in the office soaking up a sliver of sunlight, you can catch him in the kitchen waiting for someone to drop something on the floor. Winnie is a very important member of our team, keeping everyone on their toes, and bringing smiles wherever he goes!