Whole Foods Market - A Gathering Place on the Alameda

Ever since Whole Foods Market opened on The Alameda in San Jose, the store’s seating areas have been filled with diners, especially during lunch, dinner and SAP Center events. Carducci Associates’ Associate Principals Jamie Beckman and Jin Kim and Associate Monty Hill (bios here) created landscape design for this high-traffic store, which recently installed additional chairs and tables to enable more of its patrons to find a spot to sit down and enjoy their food and drink.

Our design for Whole Foods stands as an example of the authentic appeal of well-designed, walk-able urban places. And as more customers place a premium on an appealing 360-degree shopping and dining experience – rather than simply filling their carts – grocers are smart to abandon the suburban supermarket model that puts parking lots up front. Grocery brands can take advantage of the power of design to make neighborhoods more dynamic and attractive places to shop, walk and hang out.

This Whole Foods Market is Certified LEED® Gold, representing one of America’s greenest supermarkets. Click here for more information.

For more information about the award winning project, click here.

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