Tim Skinner is Promoted to Project Director

Timothy Skinner, Landscape Architect, has been a positive leader and done the hard work for Carducci Associates for over eight years. In recognition of his exemplary professional growth as a Senior Associate, Carducci Associates has given him the additional title of Project Director. In this role, Tim serves our clients’ needs, directs, checks and coordinates the design of multiple projects, mentors and supervises staff, and uses his special talents to progress public school projects through the rigorous approval process of the California Division of the State Architect. The principals look forward to Tim’s success in this role, his leadership for firm management and to inspire others to perform well.

A venue for all seasons: the San Rafael High School Stadium provides an environmentally sensitive lit event area for a deserving community.



We are really sad to say goodbye to our intern Pian Zhang, but before she flies back to the east coast we would like to feature one of her amazing projects from her first year at RISD. We wish you the best and hope you visit again soon!



“Phillipsdale Landing has witnessed industrial developments along Seekonk River over centuries since 1860, which has been drastically shaped to a post-industrial waterfront wasteland. Though being totally dismantled, what these factories left are contaminated soil and topography shaped by industrial activities, leaving the land barren through decades while slowly getting into succession with the reoccupation of pioneer plants. Despite being a wild urban void, it is located at a crucial ecological node for both anadromous fishes and migratory birds. The question for us is how to make the voids vibrant again by bringing out its potential.

We conceive a possible shift from extractive human-centric productivity to sustainable natural resources production, which aims for interrelating ecological restoration, economic anchoring, and activity programing. Through healing the ground, making profits from green, and bringing back life, This site-in-transition is supposed to adapt to future new systems, which will reunite fauna, flora and people and lead to a vibrant future.”

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Carducci Spotlight: Emily Adler

This is Emily Adler. She has been interning with Carducci Associates since May 2021. We hope she enjoyed her time with us working on interesting designs and 3D Models, attending project site visits and developing construction documents. We wish her the best for her final year at Pennsylvania State University.

Here’s our first Carducci Spotlight in series with many more to come. With that said, meet Emily!

Emily, what are some of your hobbies?

Hiking, art, knitting, traveling, cooking, and sports.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Carmel Valley, California.

What’s your earliest landscape memory? Or, what early landscape memory is most important to you?

My earliest and most important landscape memory would be hiking Half Dome when I was 8 years old. This impacted me because prior to the hike my family spent months training and traveling to hiking areas in central California. So, I spent a lot of time in the outdoors and I have always really enjoyed being in nature.

Do you have a favorite landscape?

My favorite natural landscape is the Big Sur coastline because of its raw, natural beauty. Also, my favorite built landscape is Copenhagen because of its innovative and creative urban planning. The biking infrastructure, vibrant parks, and children’s playgrounds make it easy for people to enjoy the city.

What’s your favorite plant to work with and why?

Sedum because of its environmental resiliency and ecological benefits. It has many variations and is great for green roofs and storm water management.

If you could design a landscape and budget (and value engineering) weren’t an issue, what would it be?

I would design a temporary art installation that is pertinent to the area and excites the community. It would be something similar to Society’s Cage or Christo and Jeanne Claude’s work.

What are you drawing inspiration from right now?

Currently, I am drawing inspiration from exploring San Francisco. I have never lived in a city before so it has been exciting to discover new areas and be in a city with so many spirited outdoor spaces.

What potential for sustainability most excites you on one of your current projects?

I am not working on any projects currently… but projects that focus on ecological restoration and coastal resiliency excite me!

What made you want to become a landscape architect/landscape designer?

I have always been passionate about art and nature. I believe landscape architecture gives me the opportunity to be a steward of the land and engage the community.

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Yi Jin Kim is Promoted to Principal

Carducci Associates is thrilled to announce the promotion of Yi Jin Kim (Jin) to Principal. Jin has helped lead the Carducci team as lead designer, and as an Associate Principal for the last five years she is ready to take on the leadership role of Principal. 

Jin has been an integral and energetic design professional of the Carducci team since 2002. With a passion for designing beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces for the public and private realms, Jin’s portfolio of design work includes corporate workplaces, schools, parks, retail and hospitality properties. Her respect for the environment and sensitivity to budget and schedule is matched by her commitment to form and aesthetics. Her design talent, collaboration skills, polished graphics and strong technical background leads to a highly proficient communication of landscape design intent and clear construction documents.

She recently completed the conceptual design and construction documents of the new 30-acre Don Biddle Community Park in Dublin, California, which is about to begin construction. She is currently designing several major projects including the landscape for the new Performing Arts Center at Sonoma Academy, a 5-acre corporate outdoor workspace for a biotech company, and two public high school sports field complexes and tennis centers.

We are pleased to have her in a leadership role as she will be a valuable asset for the future of the Carducci team.

Illustrative Plan of Don Biddle Community Park