George Chacon is Promoted to Project Coordinator / 2023 Promotion

George Chacon, RQP, ASLA | Associate | Project Coordinator 

Carducci Associates is excited to announce the promotion of George Chacon to Project Coordinator.  George is a long-term Carducci Associates’ employee, and he brings his passion for landscape architecture and his excellent communication skills to every project.  His promotion to Project Coordinator is in recognition of his dedication to design quality and his ability to inspire others.  We look forward to his further advancement in this role.

"I enjoy the camaraderie at Carducci Associates! We help each other to be the best possible landscape architects and designers and provide awesome feedback to help improve ourselves and our projects in a positive professional environment." 

Aerial of Capuchino High School Sports Complex


Kim Chan is Promoted to Marketing Director / 2023 Promotion

Kim Chan, Landscape Architect, LEED AP | Associate 

Carducci Associates is delighted to announce the promotion of Kim Chan to Marketing Director.  Kim is a licensed landscape architect and a long-term Carducci Associates’ employee. Her background gives Kim a keen understanding of who we are and how to showcase Carducci’s talents.  Over the last five years, she has shifted her focus to spearhead Carducci’s marketing and social media.  Her promotion to Marketing Director is in recognition of her insights and achievements and we look forward to her getting the Carducci message out there.

“I am excited to focus on advancing the firm's mission of creating places that are inclusive, purposeful, and sustainable.”

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Tim Skinner is Promoted to Project Director / 2022 Promotion

Timothy Skinner, Landscape Architect, has been a positive leader and done the hard work for Carducci Associates for over eight years. In recognition of his exemplary professional growth as a Senior Associate, Carducci Associates has given him the additional title of Project Director. In this role, Tim serves our clients’ needs, directs, checks and coordinates the design of multiple projects, mentors and supervises staff, and uses his special talents to progress public school projects through the rigorous approval process of the California Division of the State Architect. The principals look forward to Tim’s success in this role, his leadership for firm management and to inspire others to perform well.

A venue for all seasons: the San Rafael High School Stadium provides an environmentally sensitive lit event area for a deserving community.



We are really sad to say goodbye to our intern Pian Zhang, but before she flies back to the east coast we would like to feature one of her amazing projects from her first year at RISD. We wish you the best and hope you visit again soon!



“Phillipsdale Landing has witnessed industrial developments along Seekonk River over centuries since 1860, which has been drastically shaped to a post-industrial waterfront wasteland. Though being totally dismantled, what these factories left are contaminated soil and topography shaped by industrial activities, leaving the land barren through decades while slowly getting into succession with the reoccupation of pioneer plants. Despite being a wild urban void, it is located at a crucial ecological node for both anadromous fishes and migratory birds. The question for us is how to make the voids vibrant again by bringing out its potential.

We conceive a possible shift from extractive human-centric productivity to sustainable natural resources production, which aims for interrelating ecological restoration, economic anchoring, and activity programing. Through healing the ground, making profits from green, and bringing back life, This site-in-transition is supposed to adapt to future new systems, which will reunite fauna, flora and people and lead to a vibrant future.”

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